The Westing Game

Realtor Barney Northrup rents out the apartments of the newly-constructed Sunset Towers to a select group of tenants that includes the Wexler family (podiatrist Jake, wife Grace, daughters Angela and Turtle), the Theodorakis family (coffee shop owner George, wife Catherine, sons Theo and Christos), the Hoo family (restaurant owner James Shin, second wife Sun Lin, son Douglas), Judge Josie-Jo Ford, secretary Sydelle Pulaski, and dressmaker Flora Baumbach. The building not only has spaces to accommodate the businesses of Jake Wexler, George Theodorakis, and James Hoo, but also has a cleaning woman, Berthe Erica Crow, who also lives in the Towers, a doorman, Sandy McSouthers, and a delivery boy, Otis Amber. The tenants move into their new homes in September; on Halloween, smoke is seen rising from the Westing house, on a cliff that’s within view of Sunset Towers. Rumors have it that Sam Westing, the rich industrialist who owns Westing Paper Products, has either returned to his old home or has been dead on the Oriental rug for a long time. On a dare, Turtle Wexler goes up to the Westing house where she discovers what she thinks is Sam Westing’s body, dressed up like Uncle Sam.

The morning after, the newspaper reports Sam Westing dead. The inhabitants and workers at Sunset Towers – minus Barney Northrup, George Theodorakis and wife Catherine – receive letters inviting them to a reading of Westing’s will the next day, as does Angela Wexler’s fiancé D. Denton Deere. After the heirs gather at the appointed time, attorney E.J. Plum reads the testament, where Sam Westing reveals he has not died of natural causes and that one of the heirs present is guilty. The will asks his sixteen heirs to play a game to discover who took his life. To do this, the players are assigned into pairs: Jake Wexler and Madame Hoo, both of…..

Q1 –At the end of the chapter 1 we are told that one of the tenants was a mistake.  Which tenant do you think was a mistake?  Explain your choice

Q2 – What surprised Turtle Wexler about the Westing house?

Q3 – According to Chris, what special talent did his brother Theo possess?

Q4 – Sam’s obituary mentions that he was a dedicated gamesman and a master of chess.  Why might this be significant?

Q5 – Why was Turtle startled when she looked in the coffin?

Q6 – Explain Mr. Hoo’s comment, “The poor are crazy, the rich just eccentric”.

Q7 – What was the object of the game?

Q8 – Why is Sydelle Pulaski upset when she discovers her shorthand notebook is missing?

Q9 – Provide evidence from this chapter that Grace dislikes Turtle and favours her other daughter.

Q10 – Why does Angela become upset when everyone continually asks about Denton?

Q11 – What dilemma did the tenants face as they awoke on the third snowbound morning?

Q12 – According to Judge Ford, who are the four people with Westing connections?

Q13 – According to the fireman why was it not unusual to have had two explosions within two days in the same building?

Q14 – Why were the tenants purchasing so many Westing Paper Products?

Q15 – People who suspect others of committing a crime but have no evidence or proof, often say they are relying on instinct or a gut feeling.  Are there any problems with relying on instinct or gut feeling?  Explain.

Q16 – The author makes use of humor throughout the novel.  Give some examples.

Q17 – How does Judge Ford react when told by Sandy that Jake Wexler is a bookie?

Q18 – Who does Judge Ford believe must be protected and why?

Q19 – Briefly describe the note posted in the elevator.

Q20 – What is the irony of Jake Wexler’s new position?

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  1. HEY PEOPLE!!!!!! I’M IN 6TH GRADE :)

  2. The note in the elevator said that Judge Ford was having a party for all the heirs.

  3. The End

  4. Ms.Elliot,
    Thank-you for blogging with me it was really fun.Well I thought the book was good did you?The book was good so I’m glad I chose the book.I like the blog because if you are shy(not me)than you do not have to say the questions thoroughly you just have to type them on the computer.

  5. Q14 Because it said so in the will and they thought it might be a clue.

  6. Q16 when Jake wexler put his occupation, he put, standing or sitting when not lying down:)

  7. Q15 Well you don’t have any proof and you just think they did it.

  8. Q11 They didn’t Know what to do with the clues.

  9. Q5 She was supprised because Sam was dressed in his Uncle Sam uniform.

  10. Q9 Grace Is all like bragging about Angela and does’t pay any attention to Turtle

  11. Q7 the object of the game was to find out who among them murdered Sam Westing

  12. Q6 He means That poor peaple spend too much time doing crazy things and believe more of it, and he means the rich act too full of pride

  13. Q4 What supprised Turtle was that the dorrs were wide open.

  14. Q4 Because it gives a clue that you might be playing chess in the westing game.

  15. Q1 I think it was sydelle Pulaski because she was the only one who didn’t like the place at first.

  16. Grace or Mrs.Elliot, what does it mean by the author used humor?

  17. Is anyone blogging?

  18. Not everyone has magical powers to just figure out who it was.

  19. Question three was a mistake. It copied after question 4

  20. Sorry about question 7. What I meant to say was to find the person who murdered Westing.

  21. Q5: There was a dead body inside. I was probably a little creepy for her.

  22. I disagree with what Gillen put for Q7

  23. That was the one she was using in the game.

  24. Q7: The object of the game was to find Westing.

  25. She was suprised to see Westing dead and wanted to find him.

  26. Q6: In basic words he is saying that he wants Westing back.

  27. Q4: Chess would not help. He does not know that the game is to find out who murdered westing.

  28. Q3: Chess would not help. He does not know that the game is to find out who murdered westing.

  29. Q2: Westings house was on fire and that really suprised turtle. He did’nt like it

  30. I think it was Dr.Westing

  31. Q15- There are problems because you usually don’t get the right answer, unless you have magical powers.

  32. Q14- People are buying them because the rares are going up in the products.

  33. Q13- is was not unusual because of the weather.( no ventilation, no snow).

  34. Q12- Grace Wexler, Mr. Hoo, herself, and I think Otis Amber.

  35. Q11- The problem was they weren’t sure weather to share their clues or not.

  36. I only have 3 questions left!!!

  37. Q16: I am not sure if this is a good example but Mr. Hoo says “Or he ate once to often at that greasy spoon coffee shop”.

  38. Q19: If you are talking about the party flyer in the elevator it basically said that Judge Ford was having a party at her ( i think it’s a her) place for all the heirs.

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